11th November 2016 with Vole at I’klectik, London.

27th October with Fred Lonberg Holme at Elastic, Chicago.

19th February 2016 with Anna Kaluza, Yorgos Dimitriades and Klaus Kurvers at Miss Hecker, Berlin.

17th February 2016 with Emilio Gordoa, Adam Pulse Melbye, Matthias Muller at Sowieso, Berlin

1st February 2016, Vole at Vortex Jazz, London

14th November 2015 with Dominic Lash and Jackie Walduck, 100 Years Gallery, London
28th June 2015 Freedom Festival at Vortex Jazz, London
24th June 2015, with Federico Reuben and Roberto Sassi at Flim Flam, London
18th June 2015, Vole at Luna Lounge, Leytonstone
18th – 20th February 2015 3 gigs in Berlin
8th February 2015, Roland Ramanan Tentet, Vortex Jazz, London
29th October 2014, Tom Jackson, Daniel Thompson, Safehouse, Brighton
July 27th 2014 Roland Ramanan Tentet to play Cafe Oto,London
12th February 2014, Vole play Vortex Jazz, London
19th February 2014, Sowieso with Emilio Gordoa, Berlin
09/01/14 – Foley Street with Daniel Thompson and Tom Jackson
21st December, Mopomoso night, Vortex, London
2nd November 2014 with Kresten Osgood, Copenhagen

30th October 2014 with Hakon Berre, Sture Ericson and Johannes Nastesjo, Copenhagen

29th October 2014 with Tom Jackson and Daniel Thompson, Safe House, Brighton UK.

16th October, Lume, with Vole, London

6th October, Boat-ting, with Tom Jackson and Daniel Thompson, London

30th September, Vortex Jazz, Roland Ramanan Tentet, London

21st September 2014, Mopomoso with Emilio Gordoa, London

4th September 21014, Foley Street, duo with Daniel Thompson, London

21st August 2014, Café Mathilda, with Renee Baker and Emilio Gordoa, Berlin

12th August 2014, Arch 1 Brass Ensemble with Ed Lucas, London

27th July 2014 Roland Ramanan Tentet, Café Oto, London

5th April 2104, at Quiet Cue, Berlin

with Adam Pultze Melbye and Emilio Gordoa

11th March, with Dominic Lash and Jackie Walduck, London

12th February 2014 with Vole at Vortex Jazz, London

In Berlin October with Ana Kaluza

25th October
Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstraße 7 (Neukölln)

Roland Ramanan – trp
Anna Kaluza – sax
Emilio Gordoa – vib
Stephan Bleier – db
Rudi Fischerlehner – dr

28th October
Schlesische Straße 42 (Kreuzberg)

Roland Ramanan – trp
Anna Kaluza – sax
Rudi Fischerlehner – dr
Klaus Kürvers – db

With the London Improvisers Orchestra for Autumn 2013:

6th October  St Mary’s Church, Stoke Newington

3rd November   St Mary’s Church, Stoke Newington

1st December  Café Oto

London dates in 2013 for a new trio with Tom Jackson and Daniel Thompson

19th June 2013 London with Adam Pultze Melbye group

17th June 2013 trio with Dominic Lash, Jackie Walduck at Boat-ting London

13th January 2012 a fantastic gig with the Tentet at London’s cafe Oto

16th September 2012 at Vortex London with Daniel Thompson and Tom Jackson

16th July 2012 at Boat-ting London with Dominic Lash Bass and Jackie Walduck vibes

Vole in Newcastle

2nd April 2012 Douglas Street Music Collective New York with Josh Sinton

14th December 2011 with Vole at Cafe Oto London

Thursday 29th  September 2011  Luna Fringe, London with Roberto Sassi and Federico Reuben

Wednesday 29th June 2011 Ryan’s Bar, London with Vole

Monday 4th July 2011  Boat-ting London, with Vole

6th June Boat-ting London

Duo with Roberto Sassi

Sunday 27th February  Cafe Oto London                             Dominic Lash big band

Sunday 3rd April  Cafe Oto London                           London Improvisers Orchstra

Thursday 26th May           Luna Fringe  London                Roberto Sassi


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