New album Hillside Mechanisms is out on Babellabel

“… finding this set of eight tunes has been a joy.
The more I listen the more I hear”


“…for textural variety,
rip-it-up energy and fierce interactiveness, the trio is hard to beat”

London Jazz News

A punk, funk, improv trio comprising

Roland Ramanan   trumpet

Ricardo Tejero        saxophone

Roberto Sassi          electric guitar

Tom Greenhalgh     drums

New Album out soon on Babellabel

Between us we play with Peter Brotzmann, Ingrid Laubrock, Pat Thomas, Steve Noble, Alex Ward etc and are all leading members of the London Improvisors Orchestra.
“By turns floating, funking and punking out, Vole stuff a range of influences and compositional devices into an improvised funnel and let them splatter all over the audience.” Vortex Jazz Club
Influenced by the likes of Tim Berne and Henry Threadgill, improvisation lies at the heart of the music but always framed within compositions that bring to bear their experiences of playing art-rock, groove-improv, punk, funk and jazz.



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